Thermal Imaging – Electrical


Thermal ImagingInfrared Thermography can detect potentially serious faults before they have a chance to develop. A survey of an electrical installation will reveal in seconds any anomalies preceding equipment failure, thus providing an opportunity for proactive maintenance.


Active’s Process:

Locate and label all distribution boards using ADM.

Our Level 1 Thermographers take a thermal image using a Flir Thermal camera and highlight anomalies in heat between circuits and wiring. This image is analysed with consideration given to circuit load and any fatigued, faulty or inadequate joints or wiring can be located.

Record test results in ADM.

Faults Found – When a fault is suspected our technicians will promptly notify the area supervisor to arrange repair ASAP.

Faulty electrical boards will be compiled in a separate “Fails Report”, which is provided upon completion of inspection. This report will detail the board number, location and fault description.

Upon completion of testing, an “Inspection Report” is generated from (ADM). This report can be supplied as a hard copy or accessed online.