Test and Tag

Having your appliances tested and tagged reduces the potential for electrical shock or fire, and importantly helps you to be covered in the event of an insurance claim.

Active’s Equipment Testing Process:Test and Tag

Perform visual and mechanical inspection of all electrical equipment in accordance with AS/NZ3760 2010

Label tested equipment using colour coded tags to help visually identify items due for testing and also to comply with specific codes as outlined in legislation.

Record test results in Active Data Manager (ADM).

Failed Items – When items fail to comply with Australian Standards they are labelled with a “DANGER DO NOT USE” label. Following this, our technicians will promptly notify the area supervisor to arrange removal or repair.

Failed items will be compiled in a separate “Fails Report”, which will be provided upon completion of testing. This report will detail the item number, location and fault description of the failed item.

Upon completion of testing, an “Inspection Report” is generated from (ADM). This report can be supplied as a hard copy or accessed online.