Test and TagTest and Tag
Testing and tagging of portable appliances will help detect electrical faults before incidents occur and ensure OH&S obligations are achieved.
Safety Switches - RCDsSafety Switches (RCD’s)
Safety Switches are designed to isolate electrical supply to a circuit within milliseconds, preventing serious electric shock.
Exit & Emergency LightingExit and Emergency Lighting
Testing and maintenance of ex/em lighting and backup power sources in accordance with AS/NZS3760 ensures the operation of these vital safety features.
Thermal ImagingThermal Imaging – Electrical
A survey of electrical installations will reveal any anomalies preceding equipment failure.
Microwave TestingMicrowave Leakage Testing
Microwave Leakage Testing is performed to ensure seals are intact and radiation levels do not exceed 5mw/cm2 at 30cm from the unit.
Thermal ImagingThermal Imaging – Mechanical
Routine thermal surveys can minimize the financial impact of mechanical breakdowns on a business through the early detection and planned repair of worn or faulty components.
Managing DataAsset/Data Management
We recognize the importance of accurate and up to date reporting. Actives systems can be expanded to include any customer requirements for asset tracking and data management.
Online ReportingOnline Reporting
Use our secure client area to manage your compliance documents.