Safety Switches (RCD’s)

safety_switch_testingRCDs (safety switches) work by detecting any leakage from active to earth and isolate power before electric shock can take place. They are prone to failure and therefore electronic testing needs to be undertaken in accordance with AN/NZ 3760 (Table3&4) to ensure all circuits in your workplace are protected.

Active’s RCD Testing Process:

Locate and label all RCDs using ADM.

Check RCD operation using the test button prior to trip test.

Using an RCD tester we perform a controlled trip to ensure shut off operation at both 0 and 180 degrees is less than 300ms for 30ma circuits and 40ms for 10ma circuits in accordance with AS/NZ 3760 2010 (Table 4).

Record test results in ADM.

Failed RCDs – When an RCD fails to comply with Australian Standards and is unable to be replaced it is labelled with an “OUT OF SERVICE” label. Following this, our technicians will promptly notify the area supervisor to arrange replacement at another time.

Failed RCDs will be compiled in a separate “Fails Report”, which is provided upon completion of testing. This report will detail the RCD number, location and fault description of the failed item.

Upon completion of testing, an “Inspection Report” is generated from (ADM). This report can be supplied as a hard copy or accessed online.