Exit and Emergency Lighting

Emergency Exit LightsActive’s (Ex/Em) Testing and Maintenance Process:

Perform a visual inspection and a 90 min battery run down and change over operational test of all Exit and Emergency (Ex/Em) lighting in accordance with AS/NZ 2293.1.

Locate and label all Ex/Em lighting using ADM.

Ensure all Ex/Em lighting globes are illuminated and diffusers are clean and clearly visible under standard mains power conditions.

Replace any faulty globes and check change over function using change over test switch.

Isolate power to Ex/Em lighting to simulate power failure and ensure lighting is illuminated for a period of not less than 90 min. Replace batteries as required.

Where Ex/Em charge facility is faulty then lighting unit is repaired or replaced.

Record test results in ADM.

Failed Ex/Em Lighting – When lighting fails to comply with Australian Standards and is unable to be repaired or replaced it is labelled with an “OUT OF SERVICE” label. Following this, our technicians will promptly notify the area supervisor to arrange repair.

Failed lighting will be compiled in a separate “Fails Report”, which is provided upon completion of testing. This report will detail the light number, location and fault description of the failed item.

Upon completion of testing, an “Inspection Report” is generated from (ADM). This report can be supplied as a hard copy or accessed online.